The European project INCA is OUT!

INCA coordinates socio-sanitary  services aiming to reduce clinical costs and improve the quality of the care received by the patient

Co-funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT-PSP Programme in the context of “Wide Deployment of Integrated Care”

  • Four are the participant Member States: Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia and Spain.
  • During the project, with a 30 months length, 5 pilots will be implemented.

Valencia, February 13, 2014

IDI EIKON, as coordinator partner, has hosted the kick-off meeting in Valencia of the project INCA (INclusive INtroduction of INtegrated CAre). The meeting has taken place during one and a half day, on the 12th and 13th of February 2014.

INCA has as a final aim to coordinate the socio-sanitary services of the different administrations, aiming to reduce costs, improve patient experience and achieve greater efficiency and value from health delivery systems.

The inclusive approach of INCA can help to remove technological barriers for patients’ engagement and to leverage the “Contribution towards first-time introduction of integrated care programmes” in Member States leading to operational deployment of novel organisational models and care pathways for integrated care.

The initiative, supported by the European Commission through the ICT-PSP Programme under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP), contributes with innovative solutions to the current state of art in the management of Chronic Disease Management, aspiring to integrate or facilitate the integration of social programs beyond the clinical vision of the care chain provision, with a progressive and flexible implementation according to each customer priority.

INCA puts the patient in the center with a personalized network of stakeholders (Social Services, Service providers, GPs, Specialists, Caregivers, Volunteers…), empowering patients that will be able to communicate directly with their circle of care.

INCA is a browser based solution, 100% Internet and served from the Cloud. This fact allows benefits for socio-sanitary professionals and medical organizations as the model assures access to the information flow, according to each user profile anywhere at any time.


INCA foresees to implement the five pilot sites by the end of 2014. After having completed the implementation tasks, pilots will run for more than a year, followed by an evaluation to validate the implementation of the model and its impact as well as its replicability potential in other countries.

INCA initiative foresees to impact more than 125.000 users and directly engaged 1550 stakeholders as active users.

The partners involved in INCA are: in Spain, IDI Eikon (ICT sme), Manises Hospital, Kenus Informatica (ICT sme), Local Council of Quart de Poblet (Local Government) and Murcia Health Service (Foundation for Training and Healthcare Research of Murcia Region); in Croatia, Rijeka City and Croatian Health Insurance Fund; in Cyprus, Geroskipou Municipality and Interfusion (ICT sme); and, finally, in Latvia, Ventspils City Council and Slimnica Hospital.